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Often the servicing of commercial refrigeration systems is done by companies that do not specialize in the field, i.e. air conditioning-heating and mechanical shops. This can incur more costs both in time and material and perhaps fewer choices as to best fix the problem are offered.

Specializing in Commercial Refrigeration Since 1980

Our expertise in this particular field dates back to 1980. By concentrating in this specific area, the experience acquired allows for problems to be quickly detected and a range of solutions offered to the customer.

We are available for emergency service 24hrs a day. Call 613-606-7600

Our services

On-call service

We mostly service commercial refrigeration on per call basis. When your business needs a repair, call us at 613-606-7600.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer a preventative maintenance program where we visit your business at regular intervals to maintain your refrigeration equipment and report to you on their condition.

Maximizing production

We provide an ice machine sanitizing and descaling service, at which time we also look to maximize the machine’s production by fine adjustments and ensuring its good function.

Our expertise


We are experienced troubleshooters who specialize in the servicing of commercial refrigeration systems.


We offer sound advice regarding equipment purchases and provide quotations for the installation of new systems and the repair of current ones.


We provide a quality preventative maintenance routine fitted to your commercial refrigeration system and ice machine requirements.


We are available for emergency service 24hrs a day. Call 613-606-7600.